Thursday, February 24, 2011

Itching Ears

One of the traps ministers find themselves in is feeling they must constantly be producing more and more new material for their audience.  In their effort to "wow" their listeners more the next time than the last time, preachers will reach further and further for something fresh and new.

The real key when ministering to others is to only speak, or write, when He gives you something to say.  God isn't interested in one person having the freshest revelation and everyone flocking to hear it and then someone else topping that revelation and the crowd flocks to them.  No, He wants to be able to speak when He wants to, through whom He chooses, and say whatever He wants to say.  The end result being that the listener is motivated to take one more step deeper in their relationship with Him.

What He has given me to say to you today is this; He led you to this Blog for a reason.  It was not for you to be "wowed" by me.  It was not for you to admire my fellowship with Jesus.  No, God led you here for one purpose and that is for you to be motivated to press in with your own private worship. If I never posted another post, there is enough here for anyone who hungers to know how to enter God's presence in worship.

Why am I saying this?   I believe He wants you to know that the internet can be such an awesome tool if used correctly.  But if it is used to bounce around looking for something "new" to "wow" us, then we have become those with "itching ears" unwilling to endure sound doctrine (2 Tim 4:3) instead of taking advantage of the tools that are available and having our own experience with God.

If you are waiting to see what new experience I have with Jesus in worship, and that is the only reason you are here, then you have missed the whole point of this Blog.  Please, don't misunderstand.  I am glad you are reading.  I am blessed by your desire to learn more about worship.  However, the real goal is for you to act on what you read. God wants you to experience for yourself how wonderful it is to enter into a place in worship where waves of His love rush over you.  Where His peace is so thick you just don't want to move.  There are places in worship that when you reach them you really don't want to leave.  You can hardly speak because His glory has engulfed you.  But, me telling you about these places is not the same as you entering into them yourself.  That's why this Blog exists.  This Blog is to be that carrot in front of you enticing you to set aside time to spend with Jesus in worship.

There will be more posts in the future, you can count on that.  May I suggest that until then, use what is already here, make a plan for yourself to worship Him.  He is waiting.

This BLOG is the detailed Journal of my Experience and Journey Into Private Worship

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