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The objective of “My Journey Into Private Worship” Blog is to provide you, the reader, with a detailed account of my experiences as I press into Worship of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The term “Private Worship” denotes a level of intimacy found only when a person separates themselves from the noise of the day and focuses all their attention on worshipping Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father.  This is not about singing or music, although that is a wonderful way to worship. 

What I am focusing on exclusively is speaking words of worship for extended periods of time.  When I say extended periods I am referring to hours and not minutes.  The length of time you spend is a person’s individual decision.  But, I have found that the longer I spend worshipping Him the longer I want to spend.  That is not to say there are no hindrances from the enemy (the devil) or your own soul.  

My intention is to be transparent as I recount my times of worship in order for you to see what happens when a person devotes themselves to developing this level of intimacy with Jesus.  Some entries may seem uneventful while others are full of amazing experiences with Him.  All of this is being done with one goal and that is for you to embark on your own Journey into Private Worship.


It is important that we are speaking the same language in order for you to know what I am saying.  So, as I speak about worship, this is my point of reference.
  • Worship is defined as reverence paid to a divine being.  The difference between worship and praise is best described by looking at how we view praise between two people.  If, for example, someone does something outstanding we often praise them for their accomplishments.  So, to praise someone is to acknowledge an action that we believe is special.  In that sense we are moved by what they have accomplished.  In contrast to praise, worship is not acknowledging accomplishments.  Worship is when, through my words, I elevate God alone to His rightful position of Lordship over me.  In every word of adoration of Him I am pledging my undying loyalty to Him.  With every statement glorifying Him I am reaffirming my devotion, as well as, my love for Him.
  • I want to clarify one point, when I say, “I worship You, Jesus” the act of saying this is considered worshipping Jesus, but at the same time, I am using the word “worship” as I do the action.  Here is an easy example which will help you understand: When you tell someone you love them the action of telling them this could also be described as giving them your love.  In fact, you are not giving them anything tangible.  Likewise, every time I utter the words, “I worship you Jesus”, from the center of who I am as a person I am bowing down to Jesus and offering up to Him the essence of who I am in a pledge of fidelity, loyalty, gratitude and yes even to the point of servitude.  Not in a sense of servitude due to compulsion, but rather servitude for love’s sake.


My intent for creating this Blog is simply to share my personal experiences as I press into Private Worship.  I will share the high points, as well as, the not so high points because it is important for you to understand that in order to get to those high points there will be some mundane times and even some boring times where you just don’t feel anything.  Sitting alone and saying over and over again how much you love and worship God for extended periods of time is sometimes about as exciting as watching paint dry.  But, when you have worn down enough of your flesh that He can come and visit you with His presence that is worth every mundane boring moment.  Just to experience a second in His presence means everything.    

As for your Comments they are welcome, I intend however on posting a few of them as I am directed by the Holy Ghost.  This is not a platform for anyone to preach crazy doctrine and I will not allow anything to be posted for the world to see that the Holy Ghost has not specifically said to post.  I believe that some comments telling of personal experiences pressing into Private Worship will be helpful for the rest of us to read.  This is by no means about me.  This is about Jesus and our Father and how we can give them the Worship they so rightly deserve.  


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This BLOG is the detailed Journal of my Experience and Journey Into Private Worship

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