Hello, my name is Mark Jenkins.

I am a minister and a member of the Prayer Center in Tulsa, OK.  My Pastor is Dave Roberson. As a part of the Tulsa Prayer Center, I have developed a deep appreciation for the message of spiritual development taught by Pastor Dave.   

Through applying these principles I have experienced life changing results.  I have discovered through implementing what I have been taught that I am able to empower the Holy Ghost to become my Teacher.  Not only does He teach me, the Holy Ghost also leads me in the direction He wants me to go in according to the mind of Christ for my life.  

It is through His leadership that He directed me back to one of the most important aspects of our spiritual walk, Private Worship.  Years ago Pastor Dave began to uncover the hidden benefits of spending extended periods of time alone with Jesus worshipping Him.  At that time, I too ventured into Private Worship.  But, as is all too often the case, I eventually allowed myself to be squeezed out of my time of Worship by the everyday events of life.  

By continuing to do the message taught by Pastor Dave, praying in tongues, I empowered the Holy Ghost to direct me back once again to Private Worship.  As I have resumed my journey into private worship I have had several opportunities at the Tulsa Prayer Center to share what I have learned about the subject.  You are welcome to listen (using streaming, downloading or podcasting) to those Audio Messages in MP3 format on this site by clicking AUDIO MESSAGES in the Menu bar at the top of this page.

The purpose of this Blog is to present you with some of my experiences as I continue my Journey into Private Worship.  I welcome your comments describing your personal experiences as you too join me on this journey.  


This BLOG is the detailed Journal of my Experience and Journey Into Private Worship

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