Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just Because We Want To

Have you ever thought about where God came from? God has always existed. He has no beginning and He has no ending. Since we were born into a world bound by the constraints of time, we have a beginning. But, we have no end. Why? Because we were born with a spirit that will exist forever. The fact that we have a choice as to where we will spend our eternity is what makes redemption and salvation so unique.

The success of God's redemptive plan hinged on one basic element; man maintaining the right of free choice. Free will choice was by no means free. It cost God the highest price imaginable. So, why was He willing to pay it? Keeping man's ability to choose in tact was essential in fulfilling God's ultimate desire which was experiencing the love that is only known by those of a family. Love that is not demanded, but rather offered freely.

Consider this, not only is God eternal in His existence, but He is complete in every way. Imagine existing in such a complete state that there is no lack for anything. The question then is this, "Can someone, as complete in every way as God, want something?" Think about it, when God speaks galaxies are created. How could God ever want anything?

We, as God's creation, can not grasp the magnitude of Who God is, nor His unlimited capacity to create. We see hints of His Greatness by looking at creation. A planet that marks time by rotating while perfectly positioned in orbit around the sun. A planet that produces the very food needed by its inhabitants for survival. A witness to His Greatness is the minute detail exhibited in His creation. This is best characterized by the universal building block found in every living organism which is so small it is invisible to the naked eye, the cell. With the Word spoken from His mouth, creation, in all its complexity, came into existence. For what reason? So man could take up space here? On the contrary, we are here because God, in all His completeness, desired the love and companionship that is only known by those of a family whose love is shared freely with one another.

Think about it, A Creator with limitless ability to create and limitless wealth who has never not existed found Himself with a desire for something that He did not have. What God did not have was a family with whom He could shower His love upon and could in turn shower their love upon Him through a free will choice.

This love is something that God could not fabricate. It only comes from someone who possesses the right to choose to either give love or not.

God always knew what the price would be to have such love because God knows the end from the beginning. Nothing has ever surprised God. Everything that He ever put into motion He did so knowing the consequences at the start. He always knew the cost for creating lucifer. He always knew the cost for making man. He knew from the moment He made man that this would require Him to one day take on the form of His creation and to permanently join Himself to His creation.

Here is where we discover the Greatness of God. God, knowing full well all that this venture would cost Him, still chose to make man. This should birth in every one of us a desire to lay down our lives at His feet.

Consider the alternative. What if God had decided not to create man or this universe. What if God had just gone on throughout eternity without us. Not only would nothing we see exist, but we would not exist. Think about it, you and I and all of mankind would never have existed, nor the world as we know it.

Knowing that He would have to redeem His creation by first becoming one of us and forever joining Himself to His creation, God chose to make us and this world and all that we know.

Now, we occupy the most unique period ever. The uniqueness of what we are experiencing right now goes beyond this creation. The uniqueness of this period can only be measured in the depth of God's desire to have a family because we live in the period in which we directly influence who will be in God's family for eternity. All of what God accomplished through Jesus is directly translated into newly born children into His family every time we lead one more person into the Kingdom of God. All that He desired is realized with every newly born again person.

In addition to being His children, we can finally give Him what He was willing to die for, our love and worship out of a heart of complete surrender to Him. No coercion, No pressure. Just because we want to. Everything He did is summed up in that one statement. We love and worship Him just because we want to.

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Holy Ghost is Our Teacher and More

I have been instructed by the Holy Ghost to deviate from the normal theme of this Blog and post a recently received Word of prophecy.  The essence of the Word is that many believers are missing out on one of the greatest gifts, other than Jesus, that our Father has given to us, which is the ministry of the Holy Ghost.  Few seem to ever explore the vastness of the Holy Ghost and all that He has been sent here to accomplish.  
As you read this Word, compare you own daily experience with the Holy Ghost against what He says is available to us and see how you compare.  
I am sure you will enjoy this.

My oneness with My Father (while on the earth) required oneness with The Spirit.  You cannot experience this oneness with Me, without oneness with The Spirit.

He, the Holy Spirit, takes what is Mine and will show it unto you.  All that the Father has is Mine, and I say unto you that He will take what is Mine and show it unto you.

Fellowship and communion is spirit to Spirit.  You cannot overlook the importance of My Holy Spirit.

You just don’t see how significant the role is of the Holy Spirit. 

He is the bridge that joins Me with you.  It would be impossible for you and I to commune without Him.  Cherish His Presence.  Recognize His invaluable ministry and refuse to take it for granted, for it has been made available to you at such a high cost to Me.

When you look at the Holy Ghost only as your Teacher, as important a role as it is, you are focusing on only one attribute and ignoring all His others.  It would be like focusing on one small, micro section, of a multi-faceted diamond.  It is like focusing on one single mountain and ignoring the rest of the entire Rocky Mountains.  It is like focusing on one gallon of water and ignoring the rest of the entire Atlantic Ocean.

The depths of the Holy Spirit are limitless.  The communion available to you is as vast as the ocean.  There is no end to His depth.

Why would you ever think that I would want you to try and figure out what I want you to do for Me in your own mind.  That is ludicrous.

Remember, He will take of Mine and show it unto you, but only when He has an opportunity to do so. 

Strangers seldom converse on levels beyond just superficial. 

(The Holy Ghost)
I don’t want to be a stranger to you.
I can be closer than any friend or brother to you, but I can also be ignored by you, quenched and even grieved. 

I am the Teacher who loves you beyond words.  My desire is to see you fulfill your place in His body.  Commune with Me and allow Me to not just teach you but to mold and form you.

You are the clay and I am the hands of the Potter in the earth.  I mold you.  I hold you in My hands and I squeeze out all the air pockets so you don’t explode in the heat.

I am the coach who is encouraging you to go beyond where you ever have gone before. 

What you need, I am.

When He said He would not leave you as an orphan you must look into the depth of what He said to you.  Orphans are alone, you are never alone with Me.  Orphans are helpless, you are never without your Helper.  Orphans don’t know the love of a parent.  The Father’s love I show unto you.  I am the conduit that all of who He is flows through to you and (through which) all your worship flows to Him. 

What can’t you do when I am the Helper who helps you.

(The Father)
There is nothing, absolutely nothing that you do for Me that goes unnoticed or unappreciated.  When there are so many who walk blind of Me and deaf towards Me, to have one who longs to please Me and lifts up his voice to Me makes all of heaven rejoice and not a word falls to the ground unnoticed.

These statements came after the Word.

A responsibility of the Holy Ghost is to prepare us for the battle, walk with us into battle and minister to our needs after the battle.  It is a partnership with the Holy Ghost.  The Holy Ghost’s purpose is to glorify Jesus.  The Holy Ghost will tutor us to the place that He can manifest Himself through us for the purpose of bringing glory to Jesus and subsequently the Father.  

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