Saturday, March 5, 2011

Peace in the Turmoil

I believe it is impossible to live in this world with all its daily challenges, especially with all that is happening around the world, and not deal with emotional turmoil.  Just trying to survive from day to day is becoming more difficult.  Rising prices threaten our ability to maintain the standard of living that we have come to expect.  Besides the economic uncertainty, many face disease and illness that not only threatens their economic future, but also their very life.  With all these things continuing to mount up against us is it any wonder that our emotions are in such a mess?  Just look at the increase in the number of people taking their own life in suicide.  They have simply come to the place that emotionally they can no longer deal with the reality that surrounds them.  God knew these days were coming and has already made available to His children a source of relief from all the madness.

I want to share with you what I believe to be one of, if not the best, benefits of entering into Private Worship and it is available to anyone.  God has provided every believer with the ability to disconnect from what seems to be overpowering emotions and enter into a place of peace and stillness simply by entering into Private Worship.

What I have discovered in my own times of Private Worship is that there are, for lack of a better term, layers that you reach as you continue in your times of Private Worship.  Remember, you are probably not going to feel much change as you enter into the beginning stages of Private Worship.  It is generally that lack of visible change that stops people from continuing.  Be encouraged, if you will press through those dry times when nothing seems to be happening and your words seem to fall to the ground, you will eventually enter into a place of peace which you will find to be overwhelming.

This place of peace is not going to be found in two or three sessions of Private Worship.  It is going to take some time and dedication on your part.  It is going to require some endurance.  You have to be willing to suffer through the emotionless times when it feels like no one, not even God, hears what you are saying.  Rest assured, God hears every word and the joy He feels because of your worship is immeasurable.

So, the question is pretty obvious, exactly how long is it going to take before I enter into this place of peace?  There is no set answer to this question.  It really depends on each person.  Each one of us are at different places in our spiritual development.  Maybe you are someone who has not been saved very long and have just begun to grow spiritually.  It may take you some time, but because of your enthusiasm you may be willing to endure.  You may be someone who has been saved for a long time and yet your growth and development spiritually has been minimal.  You too may have to press through quite of bit of dry time before you enter this place of peace.  It is possible that there are some who have already traveled down this road of Private Worship a good distance and still have not entered this place of peace.  Be encouraged, you will enter in just don't stop.

Once you reach this place, it is the most amazing thing that you can be under attack and your emotions in turmoil until finally you can get alone with God and begin to worship Him. Then it is like you are disconnected from the weight that has been bearing down on you and you are free.  Does that sound like a place you would like to go?

"What about my problems?" They are not just going to disappear.  But, when you have spent a couple hours focusing your attention on the answer to your problems instead of the problems themselves it gives you a whole new confidence that your Father has already provided the answer to your prayers.  All that worry and torment is not doing you or your situation any good.  It is only undermining your confidence in your Father and His ability to take care of you.

So, instead of all that worry.  Instead of dulling your emotions with 14 hours of watching television.  Instead of masking the pain with drugs or alcohol, yes unfortunately some believers resort to chemical sedatives.  Instead of doing all these things which will not take you one step closer to solving your dilemma, why not spend time with Jesus.  
This BLOG is the detailed Journal of my Experience and Journey Into Private Worship

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