Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just another day of Private Worship

Something I have discovered about God is that He likes to "sneak"  up on you and surprise you when you least expect Him.  That's what happened to me today.

Today's worship time began with praying in tongues to help clear out some of the junk from my mind and then I started to worship Him.  Nothing special, just the ordinary words that I have said a thousand times before.  At times it just seemed like I was talking to the wall.  I have had to train myself over time that I am speaking to God, whether I feel like I am or not.  Feelings just don't matter at all.  I am worshiping Him and He is receiving it, period.

So, I went on like this for a while and the next thing I know my words of worship have trailed off into sleep.  Yes, I have nodded off.  It happens to the best of us.  Once I regained consciousness I got back to worshiping Him again.  Why share this with you? Because, you are going to have the same fight as I do.  It is inevitable.  But, whatever you do, don't allow the enemy to beat you up about it.  Oh, the enemy will try to tell you what a sorry excuse you are for falling asleep. That's because he is just mad that you are not worshiping him.  More than that, the enemy can't believe that something so precious as worship has been made available to humans.  Before his fall, the devil had a leadership position over heaven's worship and now he can only watch us common humans undertake this holy practice.

Finally, my head was clear and I got back to worship.  Nothing else seemed different.  My words were the same.  My feelings and emotions were the same. It was dry.  But then suddenly these words seemed to flood my spirit.  It was like I could hear them and see them at the same time.  "Son, I am so proud of you."  This was followed by what I can only describe as an "embrace" by the Father.  It was only for a moment, but what a moment it was.  All the feelings were there.  All the joy was there.  For a moment, I could sense His pleasure for staying in there and worshiping Him.

My question to you then is this, What is it worth to you to have a moment like this?  Is it worth fighting through the fatigue?  Is it worth the hours of watching your words hit the floor?  Just to hear your Father tell you He is proud of you is worth every moment.  There is so much more to this Private Worship than we have  realized.  Our Father and Jesus must receive some kind of awesome blessing from our worship.  All I know is that I am not going to stop.  I want to find out where this will take me.  I believe it has endless possibilities.

1 comment:

richard_edgar said...

Thanks for being willing to share this. I can't tell you how many times the enemy has tried to convince me that i'm the only one that falls asleep...ridiculous. :)

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