Saturday, October 1, 2011

Perfect Peace

Does the thought of spending any amount of time quietly sitting still and telling God how much you love and worship Him and Jesus sound impossible to you? So many of us have such busy lives that we wonder where we will find time to spend in worship. Well, consider this, something so simple as you telling God how much you love and adore Him brings Him immeasurable pleasure. However, it requires something that has become a rare commodity, your undivided attention.

If you were to ask most Christians what they think they will be doing for much of eternity, I believe a very high percentage would acknowledge that they would have an intimate, loving relationship with Jesus and the Father. Most would say they expect to enjoy times in His presence basking in His glory and free of all care. But, if asked, chances are those same people would have no clue that they can enjoy that same presence right now while still on this earth.

One thing I have discovered as I have endeavored to cultivate His presence in worship is that this is not a race to a finish line it is a journey. Some days the journey is rich with His presence full of joy and excitement knowing that you have the attention of the creator of the universe. Other days are a struggle trying to keep every thought focused on Him. Whether it is financial worries, family problems or just random thoughts, it is a challenge to keep your thoughts focused on Him.

Isaiah 26:3 says, "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee."

If you were to add all the hours I have spent in private worship and then subtracted the hours spent struggling, fighting with everything in me to keep my thoughts focused exclusively on Him, I am sad to say that I think the hours free of struggle would be very few.

Here's why; my soul thinks it is still in charge and fights endlessly to maintain control. For example, just today, I was sitting in my chair worshipping the Lord with all my attention focused on Him when all of a sudden off go my thoughts on a totally unrelated subject. Today, it wasn't necessarily worried thoughts, I think I was thinking about giving my dog a bath. But, nevertheless, my soul was in control for those few seconds. So, I regained control once again and with everything in me I focused on Jesus. I worshipped Him. I told Him how much I love Him. Next thing I know, my mind wants to think about food. If I let my mind, it will run all over the place thinking about one thing and then another. "What am I going to do today?" "Has anyone sent me an email?" "What is the weather forecast?" "I need to wash my truck?" The list goes on and on because the soul demands to be in control. The act of worshipping the Lord is birthed out of your reborn human spirit consequently your soul is gaining nothing from it, in fact it is losing its seat of dominance and it hates it. Your spirit soars with joy every second you give yourself over to worshipping God, while your soul pines away, sulking because it isn't in control.

Just consider your soul like a spoiled little brat always wanting his way and never growing up. Be stern and don't let it get by with anything. Maybe you don't even realize your thoughts have drifted until about 10 minutes later. Don't get upset. Crack the whip and demand your soul to shut up then put your attention back on the Lord.

Look back at that scripture once again. Look at those words, "perfect peace". Can you imagine perfect peace? Most people, Christians and non-Christians alike have no idea that "perfect peace" is even possible in this life, especially now with the financial downturn. To think that anything even remotely close to "perfect peace" is possible in this life is like a fairy tale to most.

Let me assure you that "perfect peace" is not a pipe dream. It flows like a river out of your new nature and can be accessed through private worship. His peace will role over you like waves across the water as you focus all your attention on His greatness and His all consuming love for you. He loves you. God, who set the sun and the moon in their orbit and spoke this world into existence loves you, that's right you, with a never ending love.

Crawl into His lap and put all your attention on Him as you worship Him and allow His "perfect peace" to engulf your entire being. That is what He wants for you.

~Blessings Mark
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