Monday, December 13, 2010

Every Time Matters

I just completed what my soulish man considers to be one of the most uneventful times of worship I have had thus far.  If my soul could grade today's time of worship on a scale of 1 to 10, it would grade it in the negative numbers.  But, it is not my soul that will ever benefit from spending extended time worshiping Jesus.  Only my born again spirit will ever benefit from times of worship.

This is one of the main reasons for this Blog.  This Blog is to show you that no matter who you are there are going to be those times like I had today.  What you need to understand is that even in the driest, most boring times of worshiping the Father and Jesus you are affecting change.  The bottom line then is this, every time matters.  Not only does every time matter, but every word that you speak matters.  From the moment you begin till the moment you end, every single word of adoration offered to God matters.  Not one word spoken to Him is without benefit.

Some of you are saying to yourself as you read this, "But I only have 'X' number of minutes to give to Him in worship and that can not be enough to really matter."  I say again every word matters, every minute matters, everything matters.  Stop allowing the enemy to minimize your efforts in your own eyes.  The enemy's objective is to make you stop and he will lie to you and tell you anything he thinks will convince you to stop.  But, I'm telling you that all those reasons you have been allowing yourself to believe that keep you out of worship are all birthed straight from the pit of hell.

One of the enemy's greatest weapons is this thought, "You are too busy today wait for tomorrow."  Pretty soon a month of tomorrows go by and then the enemy hits you with this thought, "Oh, it has been too long now to try to go back into private worship, just forget it."  I'm telling you that if he has not yet tried this one on you it is not far away.  The best thing you can do when you hear this devilish suggestion is stop and take 5 minutes and worship God, or whatever few minutes you have just to come against those demonic thoughts.  If you have already fallen prey to that particular attack just get back up and start again.

Starting a second time or a third time or a twentieth time into private worship can be a challenge.  I suggest you begin by praying in tongues a while and step from tongues into worship.  Jesus is not going to be standing there asking you where you have been and why you have been neglecting Him.  Again, those are the thoughts that originate from the pit of hell.

Jesus will be there with open arms waiting to hold you and love you.  There will be no condemnation for the missed opportunities only joy that you have chosen to spend time with Him.  Our problem is that we just have no idea how much Jesus loves us.  Really, I believe that is what this private worship is all about.  I believe it is going to be through this private worship that we finally come to understand at least a fraction of His love for us.

In closing, just stay with it. If you have allowed some time to go, or if your mind has become a play ground for the enemy's lies,  cast down those thoughts and take the next 5 minutes to worship Him. It will possibly be the best five minutes you have spent today.  Just start.

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